How To Carry Your Dog In The PocoPet

We LOVE seeing pics of your furry friends riding in their PocoPet!

And the cool thing is, we've noticed different pets have different ways of sitting in it. And guess what: they're all the right way!

Some dogs naturally sit back and relax, while others lean forward with a front leg hanging out. Some stand straight up, and others snuggle way down inside, using the mesh ventilation panel as a window. 

Turns out, there's no wrong way to hang out in the PocoPet.

Here are some of the most popular poses our pack loves:

The Chillaxer 

jake in tiny dog carrier bag


The Royal Wave

max in the pocopet tiny pet carrier

The Standing Ovation

kona in the pocopet tiny dog carrier

The Taco

sweetieque in the pocopet ultralight pet carrier


The Magician