The Updated PocoPet Small Dog Carrier is Here

The same lightweight, portable and packable dog carrier you love - now more comfortable than ever!

tasha the morkiepoo in the pocopet lightweight dog carrier

When we launched in May 2019, I didn’t know what to expect...

Turns out, the PocoPet is helping so many of you live happy with your best friend by your side. This makes me so happy!


Your feedback was clear: you LOVE the PocoPet, and dreamed of a more comfortable shoulder strap.

So I designed, tweaked, and tested. 

The new strap is made with lightweight, durable poly webbing, distributing weight evenly on your shoulder - and making it a joy to carry your 'lil pup.

We also redesigned the strap attachment hardware, and added triple-reinforced stitching for durability.


pocopet small dog carrier updates

The same awesome design
+ a more comfortable strap
= endless fun with your furry BFF!


More exciting news: by popular demand, the PocoPet portable dog carrier is now available in Bright Blue and Black:

pocopet small dog portable carrier black and blue colors


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