About Us

For every order shipped, we donate a meal to a shelter animal in need
• Thank you for feeding the most vulnerable pets •

inventor and founder of PocoPet - Jenn Sturiale - and Max von Schnoodle

Hi there! I’m Jenn Sturiale (inventor of the PocoPet), that’s Max von Schnoodle, and here’s our story...


It was 2012, I was living in a beautiful town in the central highlands of Mexico, and just as there were innumerable street dogs searching for a human to call their own… I was searching for more meaning in my life, too.

I connected with a local animal organization, which had just rescued a small mutt with a broken leg, found huddled in a stairwell, lonely and frightened.

I wasn’t a dog person… or was I?

They fixed up that little pup, brought him over, and… ever since then, Max von Schnoodle has been my best friend and constant companion.

Just like every other small dog owner, occasionally I need to carry Max.

Whether it’s to quickly pop into a store, or those times he’s tired after a long hike, I needed a solution that was so small and light I’d have it with me all the time – for those just-in-case situations.

After endless searches, I couldn’t find a single pet carry bag that fit my needs… so I invented it!

The PocoPet is exactly the bag I need to take good care of Max, no matter where we are and what we’re doing. I hope it helps you and your best friend, too.

So join the pack, and let’s live adventurous lives, with our best friend by our side.