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Features of the PocoPet Lightweight Pet Carrier

The PocoPet is the world's most compact carrier - so how'd we fit so many amazing features in such a tiny pet carrier?

We worked diligently to design a dog carrier that's not only super small and light (so you always have it when you need it), it's capable of handling every adventure. 

Whether you and your dog are around town, on the trail, or exploring foreign lands, these powerful features make the PocoPet your best friend for your best friend:

Strong Ripstop Nylon Fabric

pocopet ripstop nylon fabric

Here at PocoPet Headquarters, we call this our Miracle Fabric. The nylon itself is so lightweight, it's the secret sauce that makes our pet carrier the smallest and lightest on earth.

If you look closely at the bag, you'll notice a "checkerboard" pattern woven right into the nylon. Those cross-fibers are what makes it rip-stop - and they prevent any small holes (say, from a cat's claw) from tearing further. 

These small-and-mighty ripstop fibers transform the PocoPet into a super-strong fabric - perfect for securely carrying your best friend.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

pocopet pet carrier adjustable shoulder strap

Pet lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and our adjustable shoulder strap ensures the perfect fit no matter if you're tall, not so tall, or somewhere in between!

Bonus: The adjustable strap ensures you can choose to wear the PocoPet cross-body, or on the shoulder.

 Internal Safety Collar Clip

PocoPet Pet Carrier internal safety clip

The internal collar clip will help keep your pet safe and secure when you're out and about. Always remember to clip your pet in, before you head out!

Mesh Ventilation Panel

pocopet mesh ventilation panel

Pet care happens in all seasons, and we've got you (and your BFF) covered: our iconic mesh ventilation panel keeps your pet cool and comfortable, even if the day heats up. 

Bonus: For smaller pets who lay down inside their PocoPet, the mesh panel is their window to the world as you carry them!

External Treat Pocket

pocopet pet carrier treat pocket

When it's closed, the PocoPet stuffs compactly into its attached zippered pouch. Flip it open and that pouch becomes a handy outside pocket - perfect for doggie treats, waste bags, or anything else you need along the way.

Convenient (and Cute!) Carabiner

pocopet small light dog carrier

Our custom dog bone carabiner is not only adorable, it's a key feature of the PocoPet Dog Carrier itself. Just clip the carabiner to your leash and forget all about it. The PocoPet is so lightweight you won't even notice it's there. The next time you need to carry your pet, simply unclip, unfold and go!

Tip: Some customers prefer to keep their PocoPet in their bag, or glove compartment.

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