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The Best Summer Dog Carrier

FINALLY! Summer's here and I know you're excited for outdoor fun with your dog... I sure am :)

The best small dog carrier for summer, travel, hiking, camping and more
Unda & her pup Neptune hanging with their PocoPet

Are you wondering what the best dog carrier for summer is?

It's time for walks around your neighborhood, in the woods, and up a mountain, last-minute car trips, brunch with friends and wandering through outdoor markets.

And it's all so much MORE FUN when you bring your dog!

They're happy & grateful to get out of the house, and enjoy the world by your side.

The best Small dog carrier for summer, city & travelLorraine & Mitsu enjoying coffee in the park, with the PocoPet

But there's ONE thing we can all agree isn't fun at all...

Sometimes in the summer, your pup can get a bit too hot, tired - or even overheated.

Often the pavement (or beach sand) gets too hot, and it becomes unsafe for their sensitive paws. Or maybe your 'lil one just gets tired from the heat. 

But I know you don't want to leave them home alone for the day... that would be sad :(

So how can you take good care of your dog, even when the temperature rises?

It's easy - bring a small dog carrier bag!

Why should you bring a carrier along on your everyday outings?

Here are some reasons you might need a dog carrier:

  • If your dog gets hot
  • If your dog gets tired
  • If your dog gets injured
  • If you need to stop in a store
  • If you need to hop on the subway
  • If your puppy doesn't have all their vaccination shots
  • If the pavement gets too hot in the afternoon sun

Ok, makes sense! I've encountered ALL of those situations over the years... have you?

So now the next question is...

What features to look for in a dog carrier sling bag:

  1. Ventilation: keeps your pet at the right temperature year-round
  2. Adjustable shoulder strap: for your comfort
  3. Lightweight & portable: for your convenience
  4. An exterior pocket: for your phone, treats, doggie bags, etc
  5. A safety harness clip: to keep your dog safe
  6. Durable materials and construction: for your dog's safety

I mean, sign me up! These are all the features I need and want in a dog carrier

But let's be honest: who wants to carry a big, bulky, heavy dog carrier around all day - just in case you need it? YOU SURE DON'T.

I didn't, either :) 

What I needed was a carrier that was there when I needed it - and disappeared when I didn't. 

Since that product didn't exist, I invented it!

The best small dog carrier bag sling for summer - PocoPet.comPocoPet is the most convenient small dog carrier bag

The PocoPet Packable Dog Carrier is the dog carrier that packs into a small pouch.

It's so compact & light, you'll forget you're even carrying it - and when your pup needs a ride, it's there to help!

Just clip your PocoPet to your leash (or toss it in your bag) and head out the door.

When your pup needs a break, pop them in their PocoPet and continue on your way.

Best dog carrier for summer travel and airports


Here's why PocoPet is the best dog carrier for summer

  • Your pet stays cool with the front mesh ventilation panel

  • Carry it cross-body, or on your shoulder, with the adjustable strap

  • It's small as a deck of cards, and as light as a lime - practically disappearing when you're not using it.

  • Made with tough ripstop nylon, the PocoPet is strong and durable

  • Keep your phone (or dog treats) handy in the external pocket

  • Carry your pup AND your iced coffee at the same time!

Small compact lightweight dog carrier sling that packs into a pouch

Pro Tip: 
When temperatures rise, go into an air-conditioned shop for a few minutes to cool down. With your dog safe in your PocoPet, most shopkeepers are happy for you to browse around.


And don't forget - in the hot weather, your dog needs to stay hydrated, too. Our collapsible dog travel bowls make it so easy!

For even MORE info about 
choosing the best dog carrier,
check out our blog post here:

Choosing The Best Small Dog Carrier Sling

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