4 Ways To Make a DIY Dog Carrier Sling

how to DIY a dog sling carrier bag

If you're like me, you're all about the DIY dog carrier sling - because it's so satisfying creating things for our furry best friends!

But with so many different types of dog carrier slings, which one should you make for your dog? 

We rounded up the best instructions on how to make a dog carrier sling - from super-simple to more advanced, and everything in between - so you can choose the dog carrier sling pattern you love best.

How to Make a Dog Sling Carrier

Before we begin, let's remember that sometimes the best products have already been invented - and we can simply buy the best dog carrier sling!

The PocoPet Packable Dog Carrier is a total game-changer - and it was invented by a DIY crafter, just like you! 

small dog carrier sling purse by pocopet

It packs into a small pouch (so it's always there when you need it, no schlepping required) and holds dogs up to 15 pounds. Next time you need to run into a store, or on the subway - or when your dog just gets tired - the PocoPet is there to help. 

Still want to DIY your dog carrier sling? Then read on for more!

Pattern for Dog Carrier Sling

If you want to sew a dog carrier sling, then you'll need a pattern for a dog carrier sling - obviously! :) 

Check out Kwik Sew's pattern #K3517, and this helpful step-by-step video tutorial that walks you through it:


No-Sew Homemade Dog Carrier Sling

This one is so easy, everyone can do it - just be sure your dog is calm, because it doesn't have a safety harness clip to keep your pup safely inside:

Free Sewing Pattern For Small Dog Carrier

If you're looking to save some money - here's a FREE sewing pattern for a small dog carrier.

free sewing pattern small dog carrier
All you need is some fabric (for the outside), a bit of fleece (for the inside), a sewing machine, needles & thread - and a lot of crafty skill, of course! The shoulder strap isn't adjustable, so depending on your size, this may or may not be the best option.

Pet Sling Carrier Sewing Pattern

And finally, if your sewing skills are advanced, try out the Sammy Dog Carrier Sewing Pattern here.

Pet Sling Carrier Sewing Pattern

Keep in mind, this dog carrier bag pattern is only good for pups up to 8 pounds, and it's a bulky design (so a bit unwieldly to carry around). I sure do love that cute fabric, though!

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