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The Best Dog Coats for Small Dogs

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Small dogs are just as active as bigger pups, with one difference: they get colder, quicker!

Here's how to find the perfect dog coat for your small dog all year round.


If you’re like most dog owners, you'll do anything to keep your furry best friend happy and healthy.

Small dog owners, however, need to remember that your dog’s smaller size and weight may putting them at a higher risk for getting colder quicker than you realize!

For example, smaller dogs are more likely to get frostbite on their paws, and may lose heat through their body faster than bigger dogs. 

So how do you keep your small dog warm - in the Fall, Winter, Spring... or even Summer?

A Coat For Every Reason & Season

The best thing to do is to make sure your dog has a coat that will keep them warm no matter what date is on the calendar.

If you want to find the best dog coat for your small dog, here are a few tips to follow:


  • During the summer, small dogs usually don't need a coat
  • BUT! beware of cooler evenings and shivering pups!
  • Some dogs (like my own Max von Schnoodle) gets cold when it's 70 degrees farenheit...
  • During these times, a lightweight fleece sweater is all he needs to stay comfortable.


  • Fall brings warm days and much cooler nights
  • While your dog might be ok laying in a patch of afternoon sunshine, pay close attention after the sun sets!
  • A wool or fleece sweater during the days can be sufficient
  • And in the evenings, or on blustery days, snuggle them up in a mid-weight jacket.


  • Depending on the region where you live, Winter can be mild or bone-chilling cold...
  • ...and of course, you might be faced with freezing rain and snow!
  • For moderate climates, your dog sweater and coat from Autumn should suffice
  • In cold regions, be prepared with a waterproof winter coat
  • For those shivering little pups, consider a fleece one-piece suit underneath


  • Depending on the day, you may need a combination of all of the above coats!
  • Be ready for cooler mornings, lovely warm days, and cooler nights.

Top tips to buy the perfect small dog coat:

  • Find a coat specifically designed for small dogs
    Most small dog coats will have small sizing to accommodate for the shorter legs and thicker bodies of smaller dogs.

  • Shop with the season in mind
    If you have a smaller dog, make sure the coat you get is designed to keep them warm in the winter. For example, some coats are just waterproof, while others are waterproof AND warm.

  • Get the right fit
    Make sure your dog’s coat fits properly - not so tight they feel constricted, but not so loose cold air gets underneath. For small dog coats, you’ll want to make sure it fits snuggly around their neck and chest.

  • Shop around
    If you’re not sure how to measure your dog for a coat, or you're not quite sure what type of coat you need - head to your local pet store. They'll measure your dog and help you find exactly what you need.

  • Start slow
    If you have a dog that doesn’t like to wear coats, get them used to the idea slowly. Put the coat on for a few minutes at first, then increase by a few minutes each day. Your dog will quickly become used to wearing the coat.

Remember, your dog should wear a coat any time they get cold - and for some dogs that can even happen during the summer months! 

Article partially contributed by Copysmith

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