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[Wholesale Partners] PocoPet Version 2 Features

The same PocoPet Ultralight Pet Carrier you know and love - now improved!


  • Colors:
    - Bright Blue
    - Black (replaces Carbon Gray)

  • Strap:
    The strap is now made with ultralight, super-strong black webbing. Just as packable as before; sits better on the shoulder (without bunching up); performs better in the size-adjuster slider.

  • Strengthened strap attachment points:
    We redesigned how the strap attaches to the body of the bag, for a stronger attachment system.

  • Triple-stitching
    The seams on the strap are now triple-stitched for unbeatable strength.

  • Same price:
    Wholesale: $14.50/each
    MSRP: $29 - $32

Note: Version 2 has a different UPC than Version 1

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pocopet packaging updates

pocopet blue version 2


pocopet black version 2