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7 Autumn Dog Care Tips for a Fabulous Fall

PocoPet Dog Carrier Autumn Pet Care Tips

Sure, the dog days of summer may be growing shorter, and you may suddenly find yourself searching for that cozy dog sweater you purchased last year. 

But the cooler temperature and shorter days don't mean your adventures with your pup need to end... far from it!

With just a few tweaks to your pet-care routine, you'll be ready to enjoy this magical season - together.

So read on, get ready, and head out to the pumpkin patch for a doggone good time!

  1. Time for a trim?
    If your pup is looking a bit overgrown, be sure not to cut their hair too short, as they'll need it to help keep them warm during the coming winter months.

  2. Sweater Weather
    If you have a breed with hair or shorter fur, pay attention to their body signs as they tend to get colder, faster. For these pups, sweaters aren't just fashionable... they're functional, too.

  3. Be Prepared
    Cooler temperatures make the perfect weather for long walks and scenic hikes with your dog. Clip your PocoPet Ultralight Pet Carrier to your leash in case the little ones get tired or injured, and snap a cozy warm Fleece Liner inside to make the best winter dog carrier.

  4. Light up the Night
    As nighttime sets in earlier, make sure you and your furry friend remain visible - an LED dog collar light and reflective vest for them, and a headlamp for you, make even those nighttime walks safe and enjoyable.

  5. Tick Patrol
    As always, be on the lookout for ticks - in some locations they're a year-round nuisance. Make a tick-check a standard part of your post-activity routine for peace of mind and continued good health.

  6. Toxic Goo
    As folks prepare for the cold weather ahead, many add antifreeze to their cars - and can leave puddles of it in driveways, parking lots and streets. Animals (including your pets) are attracted by the sticky-sweet ethylene glycol in antifreeze but it's extremely toxic for them. Keep an eye out for safety.

  7. Dog Treats are for Dogs
    While it's hilarious to dress your pet up in funny costumes, it's much more serious if they get into the trick or treat candy bag. Chocolate and 
    xylitol are both toxic to them, while candies, lollypops, and gum pose choking hazards. Keep sweet treats stashed far away from curious noses, and give your pup dog-approved goodies instead.


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