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Happy Animal Stories, Edition 1

Because we all need some mid-winter sunshine and love!

There's so much negative news out there and by gosh, sometimes it's hard to stay positive - do you feel that way, too?

One of the perks of my job - besides helping you live a happy life with your sweet 'lil dog by your side - is reading so many good, happy and positive stories about animals (and the people who love them, too).

I'd be honored if you take a moment to read through some of these happy-ending critter tales...

Let the possibility of positivity flow through your heart, and let's all remember to look for the helpers. They're everywhere, as Mr. Rogers said.

Man (who is not Dean Martin) croons love song, "That's Amore," to his beloved dog:

It's a sweet moment captured on camera - and the huskies on the floor aren't even jealous!

Stray Dog Helps Children Cross Street Safely

Proving once again (like we needed reminding) that dogs.are.the.BEST.

The Happiest Kind of Surprise

(...when you're 100% the recipient really wants a companion animal)

Inmates Train Service Animals for Wounded Vets

...cutting their training from 3 years down to just 1 - and begging the question: who's rehabilitating who?

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